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Weight loss center in Italy

The weight loss center in Italy Mességué is an authentic point of reference for those who want to lose weight and recover a better physical condition.

The merit goes to a structure capable of ensuring a 360 ° offer, with treatments, paths, physical activity programs and personalized diets.

High profile proposals made possible by the presence of a staff with heterogeneous skills, with doctors (including media -mounted specialists and nutritionist biologists), herbalists, phytotherapists and personal trainers.


Weight loss center in Italy in San Marino

The Mességué Center is in the historical part of San Marino and offers its guests balanced diets, physical activity programs, massages, aesthetic treatments face and body.

Each program is Taylor Made, built specifically on the critical issues of the individual. Guests are first subjected to visits and analyzes performed by the medical team.

The goal is to define the molecular aspect and the lipidomic profile. Once the analyzes are concluded, the doctors structure the Fat Profile.

On the basis of the parameters obtained, and referring to the biological values, an integrated diet with herbal teas, decoctions, juggles and actifluids identified by the centerist of the center is defined.


Weight loss center in Italy with personalized diets

The scientific method provides us with useful tools to define a structured diet on the individual.

The dishes are prepared by our chefs following the medical indications of the center. The proposals are tasty and intriguing, but always low in calorie.

The diet is characterized by the presence of legumes, fibers, fruit, vegetables. There are no animal fats and all the ingredients used follow seasonality.

Many of them come from the "Podere Lesignano" farm, located on the hills of San Marino. The medical staff and the chefs of the Mességué Center can develop special diets designed for vegetarians, celiacs and vegans.


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